Monday, December 24, 2012

Twisted Christmas 5

Kallista Pendragon woke up to find herself lying in the dark alley way behind the bookstore. Cold seeped through her thin pants from the hard damp ground bringing her to consciousness more swiftly. With a groan she sat back up, reaching to massage her aching head. Briefly with a sigh she rested her head against the wall thinking about her options. It seemed that the blow she took to the face knocked a bit of sense in her.

Inside the building she could hear the warm tones of people talking. Once she knew them but now they were worlds away, happy in their life and with the success they had earned.

Thinking back to those times in the past brought a fresh wave of pain that hurt worse than the ach in her head. For a while to cover her pain from losing them she had turned to less than healthy activities to help her cope. Losing herself in the process was the only way to survive if she had to survive at all.  Her heart could not cope.

Slowly she staggered to her feel, the weight of her sins making everything seem harder to stand. Once up she found she could not even stand straight. Heaviness rested hard on her weary shoulders causing her to stoop.  Stumbling to the front of the building she neatly avoided the streetlamps, preferring to stay in the shadows of darkness where she belonged.

Carefully she peeked into the window of the cozy bookstore to get a better look at the people inside.  There they were, the ones she had wanted for so long to be her true family.  Chatting amicably the group seemed to be enjoying their special evening. A feast was laid out on the table near the back with festive place settings situated around. Hunger gnawed at her belly as she watched.

Standing in little clusters were Noam and Daniel, Ann, Lizzy, Octaboona, NJ and Skyril. In another cluster not far away stood Mar, Thalia, Hellboy, Lydia, Mir, and Aria. Raven was browsing the books while munching on a cookie and listening to Lizzy who was talking, animated.

Several other couples stood near each other, Naill and Venice, Lego, Genesis, Em and Chase. Each couple seemed to be glowing as they talked about wedding plans. Still, in another area were Darkane, Mary Hiashi, Lenka, Skylara, and Skulgirl.

Chan, Flame, Alex, Sam, Bryony, Jaffa, and Quinn stood next to none other than Derek Landy himself.  Kallista could not help but gasp when she recognized the genius author.  In hindsight she realized there were still more friends there at the party and that they all mingled together as they enjoyed one another’s company.  But all she could do was stare at the Golden god himself. If only she could have been a better person, more useful and lovely like the rest. Then she could be in there too and not out in the cold, forgotten.

“Hey you! Get away from the window!” Someone shouted at her.

Startled she whipped her head around the same time her feet slipped on some ice. Clumsily she crashed hard agaisn the window as she struggled to stay upright, recognizing the voice as belonging to the policeman who was hurrying her way.

Alerted by the notice the precious occupants inside looked up and watched blankly as a strange forlorn figure flailed their arms wilding in a failed attempt to keep from falling.

“Who is THAT?” Sam asked as he sipped his delicious beverage.

“I…I think it’s Kal.” Chan replied as he squinted, trying to make out the features that had appeared for a moment in the window.

“Who?” Sam questioned, unconcerned as he eyed the Christmas gifts in the corner.

“Just someone we used to know.” Quinn answered him as she flittered by looking lovely in her exquisite dress.

Most shrugged and began their important conversations again as the figure was chased away by a burly policeman.

Struck by rage and terror Kal ran awkwardly without knowing where she was going. Unfamiliar sights filled her vision as she searched desperately for a way to escape. By now the policeman had alerted other cops having recognized her as the one of the robbers from the bank robbery and she became hunted.

Flashing lights from police cars blinded her everywhere she turned and she realized she had been surrounded. Still she looked for a way to escape even as the police demanded she give up. Everything seemed to be unreal to her as she spied the river beyond the street merchant who stood at the top of the hilly embankment just off the sidewalk. Wild hope filled her as she ran as swiftly as she could towards the merchant. If she could make it, she could dive off and into the river below and make her escape. She would be wet and cold. But freedom was worth it, wasn’t it?

A single shot filled the air amid the shouts. Pain filled her as a small burst like fire struck her upper leg. Flailing she fell forward into the merchants products, boxes and other items toppling over and scattering at the force of her impact.

Alarmed, the poor merchant had fled and was now under the protection of the police. In a daze she could hear his protests as the police all stood behind their vehicles, guns all drawn and pointed at her. What was he protesting? It was a strange question to think of all things as she had more pressing matters to attend too. But the thought would not go away and persisted in nagging her even as she struggled to stand up. All she wanted to do was give up now that she was caught. Slowly she raised her hands in surrender. Angry but unintelligible shouts resounded in her ears even as she realized she was holding something. The police thought she had a gun! The knowledge of this shocked her beyond her stupor and she made a move to protest and claim innocence. What was it she was holding? It registered slowly to her even as the cops still fired, not understanding. It was a package of fireworks. Dumbly she looked down to see she was surrounded by a plethora of small explosives meant for aerial display in the form of fireworks.

No one ever knew what exactly happened next or how it happened. One moment it looked like the scumbag had a weapon, the next moment in defense, the police all had fired.  A huge explosion filled the night as several of the larger fireworks were set off.  Smaller ones followed after that, the thief’s despairing scream was lost in the noise. Policemen ducked as the artwork in the sky became more bright then the flashing lights on their cars.

Back at the bookstore it was Lizzy who first saw the lights in the dark sky.

“Oh, fireworks! Cool!” She grinned happily.

“I didn’t know fireworks were planned for tonight.” Octaboona joined his friend and also smiled.

Soon everyone was gathered at the window and enjoying the colorful display of lights in the sky. No one knew who started it, but the first few strains of Auld Lang Syne were sung. Soon everyone joined in, their voices a joyful blend of friendship and celebration. It was the perfect touch to a perfect Christmas.




  1. Oh Kal *hugs* This story is so sad.

    I hope you are OK and you know that we love you so much and would never be so mean to you.

    I hope you have a really wonderful Christmas.

  2. Octa is right, we would never be so mean. If anyone is ever that mean to you I'll kick their asses! *cracks knuckles and glares crazily around* :P

    *hugs tightly* Beautifully written as always hun, and so sad.

    Have a good Christmas! :D

  3. They two above me are right. The story is sad and unfair on yourself. We would never do this to you *hugs tightly*

    Merry Christmas, Kal. Go buy yourself a mince pie *Hugs again*

  4. I could not agree with all those above me more, I'd like to see how all those cops could deal with a barrage of noogies from all of us, *hugs tight*

    Don't be so harsh on yourself Kal, we love you so much, and it is saddening to see you hurt,

    Merry Christmas, :)

  5. Kallie sweetheart!

    You're our family and we don't treat our family like that here. It actually broke my heart to see you put yourself in that position. And if me and Chase are talking about wedding plans, we want you there with us!

    Don't ever do that to yourself again sweets! We love you too much xxx

  6. very well written *hugs*
    very sad though *hugs again and hands her a cookie*

  7. Kallie *hugs*
    This story... I... I'm just at a loss for words.
    The people above are right. This story is so so sad Kallie!
    We could never do that to you.
    You are the heart and soul of the party!
    Love you so much Kallie.

  8. *makes a high keening noise*

    kkkaaaaAAAALLLLL you know people get worried about you when you write thiisssss kaaaLLLLLLL

    *hugs forever*

    Kal, we will NEVER forget you, and you'd always be welcomed in on a cold day. Anyone who wouldn't help save you from Police is totally insane and probably swallowed a codfish whole sometime in their life.

  9. GAH! That was beautiful writing, but such a sad story!

    I think the people in the bookstore should have all invited her in :D
    THAT would have been perfect!

  10. [hugs] [hugs] [hugs] [hugs] [hugs] [hugs]

    You have a beautiful way with words, Kallista Pendragon. I know you don't know me as well as the people from your generation of Bloglandians, but you've been really nice to me and made me feel happy a lot. I'd definitely be willing to help you if you needed it, and I'm sure most, if not all of the other newish Bloglandians who have met you feel the same way. Just wanted to let you know that you don't have to be alone. [hugs again]

    (Side note, this was posted a day or two after I joined the blog! :O)